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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

90% humidity feels gooooood

Early Wednesday August 10
Maasin City, Leyte


We spent Tuesday traveling and we have finally arrived in Maasin City, Leyte. Our team has begun to joke that we are spending our entire two weeks traveling, each day saying "it is just a bit further", but never actually arriving. But we are assured the work will begin today!
Our journey on Tuesday took us by land and sea. We rode a "supercat" which is a very fast ferry boat, for 2.5 hours. We then had a 3 hour prayerful van ride. Any of you who have travelled abroad and driven with a local will understand when I say speed is there top priority while safety takes a back seat. On several occasions we could have reached out and 'high fived' the passengers of the jeep nee or trike next to us. Horn blazing, weaving in and out of traffic, we were challenged to put all our trust in God! Rest assured to all the moms reading, we are safe. Once in Maasin, we checked in to the pension house, our air conditioned, hostel-like, hotel for the next 9 days, and succumbed to the lure of jet-lag.

In Cebu we were greeted by Francis and Laura Mallorca. They are IDEA's missionaries on Leyte. They make the city of Maasin their home and are dedicated to serving the deaf students and their school here. Would you pray for them with us? Pray that they would be encouraged by our team, and that we can truly be servants to them in our time here. Pray that their ministry continues to be powerful in the kingdom.

Our team begins our construction project today. We are working with several local workers to convert a warehouse used to cultivate fertilizer, into a dormitory for deaf students. Pray that our bodies are refreshed after our long travels. And pray that we are speedy and effective since we lost a work day due to our canceled flight from LA. Pray that our hearts and minds are open to engage the students we will meet today. We will be working on their school campus so we will have ample opportunity to connect with them, play with them, love on them, pray over them.

We are continuously grateful for your support family.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers and sisters.

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  1. So great to hear from you!! Be encouraged and strong at heart for the Lord is your strength. We've got you got here!