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Friday, August 12, 2011

whistle while you work...

Friday Evening August 12
Maasin City, Leyte

We just completed or third day of work and we are WIPED! When arrived to the dormitory was filled with dirt, the roof was falling down, and the ground were covered in trash. Our team has worked hard.
We shoveled truck loads of dirt into sacks and hauled them outside. We have removed loads of weeds, trees, rocks, and stumps from the back yard and laid some cement slabs in their place. Our team painted 150+ sheets of plywood which will become the ceiling and walls, hauled bags of cement, pulled wires for electricity, and shared our jobs with students who began to hang around and wanted to help. We moved more garbage than you produce in a year from the dorm courtyard. It was a seriously dirty job! And our team endured it like champions.

We have been working alongside a team or deaf construction workers. They are from the island of Bohol and work for IDEA. They do a marvelous job on the building. It is very fun learning to communicate with them. They are very patient and persistent with us. We got to spend the evening with them last night when all of us went to a small water park. It had the fastest waterslide we had ever been on. We had a blast together, sharing a meal and enjoying one another's company.

God is accomplishing so much through and in our team. You see how much work is done in the dormitory. It is so amazing to look around and see how many improvements have been made. It is beginning to look like a place students can live. It is so good for our hearts to look around while working and foresee the deaf students living there, able to attend school, hear the gospel, and be near people who love them. It is the reason we are working so hard.
God is also working in our hearts. Teaching us, challenging us, and showing us more of who he is. He is good, all the time.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers and sisters.

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