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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Greetings from Ethiopia

Hello family!!!

We are here and safe! It's mid-day Wednesday and we cannot believe how much God has already accomplished here. The church is coming along with so much help from so many Ethiopians. We are learning to do things their way and to be patient as usually, this isn't how we would do things. =] It's hard, but it's effective. They're hard workers and they know their matterials.

Dona, Pam and Linda are working at the orphanage planning the VBS for the kids. They are in awe of the stories and Evan and I get to share Philippians with them tomorrow. It's our favorite book, we are so excited.

The children are so healthy and so happy and have grown so much. There was not a dry eye in our group when we first met those beautiful faces.

Please keep us in your prayers as several of us have gotten quite sick from the water, bugs, and heat!

Love to you all from ETHIOPIA!!!

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