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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Update From Ambo, Ethiopia

We arrived safe and sound in Ambo, Ethiopia and things are going well. It has been quite rainy here, but it has not stopped us, just slowed down the process. Please pray for dry weather so we can finish what we came to do! The shower house was not as far along as Ron had hoped, so you can pray that we are able to do more than we thought we were going to have to do before next Thursday.

This is a great team! Everyone has stayed positive and very supportive of one another even through difficulties and disappointments. We started Vacation Bible School today! We are having three days on baptism and come Saturday we will be baptizing seven children or more here at the orphanage.

We will be using the well water! Little did we realize just how many ways God would use that water system we installed for His glory! Thanks for all your prayers! They carry us through.

Friday, September 21, 2012

One Day Before Departure

Getting ready to travel to Ethiopia doesn't seem to get much easier. After a handful of trips, I would have thought that it would be simple. No such luck. I have all the tools packed in one bag. (52 you think the airline will notice?) I have Luke all packed. (12-year olds can wear anything right?) Now I just have to take care of me and my clothes. (I just can't seem to get 5 days out of one pair of work pants like Ron.) At least I have a beautiful Friday to finish packing.

As I started the day, (sitting in the hot tub with fresh coffee - ahhh...) the stars were still out. I have never been able to get out at night in Ambo to see the stars. Maybe I will this trip. Ethiopia is so near the equator (5 degrees north) I wonder what I'll recognize? Soaking there, thinking about the trip and day ahead, I did think to ask
"God, is there anything I'm forgetting?"

I'll let you know if I get an answer.